Student Travels to India to Attend Wedding

Courtesy of Maitri Parekh

Courtesy of Maitri Parekh

Bernardo Yorba Middle School (BYMS) 7th grade student, Maitri Parekh, traveled 16 hours to Gujarat, India, for three weeks for her sister’s wedding. “The plane ride was very very tiring,” stated Maitri.

Weddings in India are very different from weddings in the U.S.A.. Whereas weddings in the United States may last a few hours to a day, weddings in India may last a week. The day of the wedding the bride’s face is decorated with turmeric which is considered a “golden spice of life”.

The women in the wedding change their clothing many times for all of the parties in the wedding. “My outfit is called a anarkali and is made of silk material,” explained Maitri Parekh. Some foods at the wedding include somsasa, Pubjai food, naan, and panner sack. The sweets at the wedding are gulab jamuns, jalebi, kaklakand, and feda. “My favorite food was pubjai food, naan, and the favorite sweets were feda, gulab jamus, kalakand,” reported Maitri Parekh.

One thing that Maitri got as a gift was God’s necklace. “The thing I carry with me is a God’s necklace and from that I learned to respect everyone because I think that God is always watching me for whatever I do,” stated Maitri Parekh.

Some interesting facts about Indian weddings include that sacred cloth that is when cloth is used to cover up the hands of the couple. They do this so they can avoid any evil eye explained myinterestingfacts.   Another interesting fact involves Aeki-Beki, when the bride and groom have to find the ring which is inside of water filled with vermillion (a bright red pigment made from mercury sulfide), milk, and a few coins. The one to find the ring first is considered a dominant personality in the marriage.

Weddings in the United States costs around $29,000 with about 140 guests, while weddings in India cost around $65,000 with about 500 guests. A challenge for the bride and groom isn’t about throwing an Indian wedding, it is making the wedding as unique as it could be according to