You Can Help Survivors of Earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador

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The devastating earthquakes that have struck in Japan and Ecuador have also left people wondering how they can help. “If you’re looking for a way to give, the Federal Trade Commission urges you to do some research to ensure that your donation will go to a reputable organization that will use the money as promised,” consumer.ftc reported.

Some trustworthy organizations to donate to are UNICEF,, Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana,, Association for Aid and Relief, Japan,, and CARE,

Three massive earthquakes struck on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean in Japan and in Ecuador. A magnitude-6.2 earthquake hit southern Japan on April 14, and the next day, on April 15, a magnitude-7.0 earthquake hit the same area. A magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit Ecuador on April 16, according to

The earthquakes that struck in southern Japan hit the island of Kyushu. The first earthquake that hit Kyushu killed nine people and injured hundreds of other citizens. However in the second earthquake, at least 33 people were killed and 200,000 were left homeless and without running water or electricity, reported

Many people believe that these earthquakes are related, but much evidence proves they are not. Japan and Ecuador are both located along the “Pacific ring of Fire,” which spans the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, according to

Regions along the Ring of Fire are prone to earthquakes, and it is extremely rare for one earthquake on one side of the world to set off another earthquake on the other side of the world.  Also, the earthquakes that hit Japan are a completely different type of earthquake than the one that struck Ecuador, added

“Both of these earthquakes were strike-slip earthquakes, which occur when two parts of the Earth’s crust slide against each other,” reported