DRTBox First Known Use in an OC Criminal Case

Photo Courtsy of audiofanizine.com

Photo Courtsy of audiofanizine.com

The only known Orange County case in which used controversial cellular intercept technology known DRTBox was used involved a serial bank robber whom police dubbed the “2K bandit” on Febuary 6, 2016, reported OC Register.com .

The “2K bandit” robbed banks by passing notes to bank tellers demanding exactly $2,000 in cash. In all, the “2K bandit” the robbed a dozen banks in Orange County like the US Bank on 130 South Main Street in Orange or the US Bank on 7211 Warner Avenue in  Huntington Beach last winter before police caught him by using the DRTBox, reported Voiceofoc.org.

“DRTBoxes are lightweight, low power, small, and are supportable on multiple platforms. Our products are featured in UAVs, planes, helicopters, vehicles, towers, and on walk-tests, submarines, and boats.” DRT website clam. Although the use of an DRTBox is a controversial issue since it violates the fourth amendment they sweep up text messages, emails, and phone conversations to get personal information on anyone’s phone.

While in the process of taking information from the target in mind it breaks the fourth amendment. Although last year, the Department of Justice that oversees the FBI as well as the Department of Homeland Security announced a policy that required the Federal Investigation of Bureau and other federal authorities to obtain a court authorization or warrant before deploying these tracking devices.Moreover, some individual states, including California, also passed a law that requires a warrant for the use of Stingrays and similar tracking devices.