Dylan Garner NASCAR Race Driver and BYMS Graduate



Photo Cortesy Of www.ocregister.com

“Any driver can trace their routes back to a go-cart or some form of their vehicle that struck their passion and got them experience. … It all starts from somewhere,” mentioned Dylan Garner, a BYMS graduate and a NASCAR race driver in an exclusive interview with Matador Messenger.

Dylan Garner, age 17, won the 2015 Sears SRL Limited Late Model Division Championship and is now racing at NASCAR high school level, Dylan Garner has explained.

“I always liked things with wheels and an engine that went fast! I enjoy working with my hands and experiencing how changes I make to the car affect the lap times,” stated Garner.

“It takes physical fitness, being athletic, and knowing the race track to be a racer,” according to Garner. He slowly gets to the top of his division by winning races and awards and finding financial sponsorships.

One of the challenges Garner faces was being able to move on from and accept wrecks and car problems. “This was hard especially because I was one of the people fixing the car on the Monday afterwards!” he added.

Race car driving runs in the Garner family. “I think my parents are excited for me. They enjoy being with me at the racetrack. I like how I can as my dad and grandpa about racing and cars. It really is a family affair for me.” mentioned Garner.

Some advice Dylan would give to teenagers who want to race is they should go to the local indoor kart track or try a racing video game. If they do well at those activities and enjoy fast cars, there will be a job in the racing world to suit them. Plus, racing does cost a lot of money, so if there is a mistake it would cost a lot of money. Racing really does take a lot of dedication.

Garner explained that as a NASCAR driver he needs to wear lots of protective gear like seat belts built to your body, helmet that fits your head perfectly, and fireproof clothes.

You have to wear lots of protective gear like, seat belts built to your body, helmet that fits your head perfectly, and fireproof clothes.

Dylan says NASCAR is not just a “Redneck sport.” All people dominating right now are from California.

Dylan Garner attended Esperanza High and took the California Proficiency Exam in the middle of his high school junior year. After he took the exam he graduated a year early and then later enrolled at the Santiago Canyon College, mentioned the Orange County Register.

“Bernardo is where I met some of my favorite teachers. My favorite memories were the days I rode my bike to school. It made me feel so grown up and independent,” stated Garner.

“Life isn’t infinite, you need to chase your dreams. Do what makes you happy, not what makes everyone else happy,” explained Dylan Garner.

Interested in sponsor, please visit Dylan Garner’s website at http://www.dylangarnerracing.com/. “If you need a driver, look no further,” stated  Dylan Garner.