Tourist Kill Two Rare Dolphins


A mob of beach goers, desperate to take a selfie, have killed two rare dolphins on the beaches of Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 17th, reported by  The two dolphins died from their skin being overheated, due to the lack of water, according to the

The Foundation Vida Silvestre, a group representing the World Wildlife fund in Argentina, reported in statement that the two dolphins pulled out of the water were Franciscana dolphins, more commonly known as La Plata River dolphins.

Most people presume that because dolphins are mammals, they get the impression that dolphins can breath air. Although this is true, they can’t stay out of the water for very long or else their skin will dehydrate, reported by

“They aren’t able to regulate their temperature when they come out of the water,” Lori Marino, executive director of The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy, told the press.

Dolphins bodies are also not designed to support themselves outside of water. When they come up out of the water, whether it’s by being stranded online or held up by humans, can cause their rib cage to collapse, causing serious organ damage. As well as the stress of being pulled out of the water and manhandled can cause cardiac arrest, according to

A total of 49 people tried to take selfies with the dolphins before the authorities were finally informed.  To prevent further tragedies, if you find a dolphin stranded on land, make sure you call the proper authorities, while keeping the dolphin floating and making sure its skin is kept hydrated.

“Try and keep touching or manhandling to a minimum to prevent from spreading human disease to the dolphin,” Marino concluded in an interview with the