Chipotle’s Update On The E Coli Outbreak

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“Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is pulling out all the stops to win back diners, including $10 million in food-safety spending for its small suppliers — plus free burritos.” stated

“All Chipotle locations in the United States temporarily closed Monday afternoon for a national meeting at which the new measures were addressed with employees before reopening. The chain offered to give customers free food if they texted the word “raincheck” to 888-222 by 6 p.m. EST on Monday. A return text in the next few days will contain a coupon, the company said.” reported stated, “Last year, the company raised its guidance for 2015 restaurant openings from 190-205 to 215-225. Importantly, they also opened a record 79 new restaurants during the fourth quarter, which was their worst sales quarter since they became a publicly traded company back in 2006.”

“In the wake of an extremely rough 2015 that saw its restaurants face E. coli outbreaks and problems with salmonella and norovirus, Chipotle has instituted one smart change at drink stations. In at least some locations, the lemon wedges that were once presented in a bin by soda machines have now been moved behind the kitchen counter.” reported

Since the beginning of the first outbreak, Chipotle has been aggressive and forthcoming in addressing it. The company closed stores in affected markets for deep cleaning, and it moved quickly to implement new food safety procedures. Chipotle even did something that few restaurants ever voluntarily do — it closed every store across the United States on Feb. 8 during the lunch rush to hold a company-wide meeting to discuss the changes.