Use of Designated Hitter Gaining Momentum in Baseball National League


“The National League, (NL) is considering the use of the designated hitter (DH)”, stated John Mozeliak, the general manager of the St. Louis cardinals, and MLB Players Association chief Tony Clark.

The designated hitter (DH) is a position only in the American League, currently, where a hitter is not playing on the field but hits for the pitcher as his position. They have the designated hitter in the All Star Game always instead of the pitcher hitting.

It turns out that most general managers of their baseball team in the National League are getting angry. Most of them do not like how the pitcher has to hit, even though this has been happening in the National League for as long as it has existed. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when the change the rule for the National League, reported

John Mozeliak, GM of the St. Louis Cardinals, stated,”I do feel like there were time I could look all of you in the face it is a non starter, it is not being discussed at the owner level or GM level. But over the past year it has. I am not suggesting you are going to see a change, but I definitely think the momentum has changed,” stated Cardinals GM John Mozeliak, reported

“John Mozeliak had always had interest in the DH in the National league. He has liked the idea even more when his star pitcher, Adam Wainwright, tore his achilles tendon while he was hitting. Wainwright ended up coming back for a short time in the postseason,” reported

This is more than likely happening because they have made each league fifteen teams. This means that there will be interleague play everyday. Most General Managers think in the interleague game there should be a DH instead of always having a DH, reported