Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton Win Iowa Caucuses

Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton Win Iowa Caucuses


“The first voting in the 2016 presidential nominating contests shined some light on how candidates may fare throughout the rest of the campaign,” reported businessinsider.com. The time has come again for Iowa to vote on who they think will be the best candidate in their party to run for president.

For the republicans, Ted Cruz won with 48,000 votes which is the highest amount of votes a candidate has ever gotten in the Iowa Caucuses. In the polls before the caucuses, Donald Trump was in the lead with Cruz as a close second according to forbes.com.

Hillary Clinton landed the most amount of votes for the democrats, only beating Bernie Sanders by 0.2%. After a night of waiting, she was determined the winner according to oregonlive.com.

“Hillary Clinton hoped she could wipe away her campaign nightmares of eight years ago by posting a solid win over an insurgent Bernie Sanders. Instead, her margin of victory over Sanders was vanishingly small,” reported npr.org.“Because I was told I could not do well in Iowa, I spent very little there – a fraction of Cruz & Rubio. Came in a strong second. Great honor,” Donald Trump tweeted about the caucus.

After O’malley received 0.6% of the democratic votes he dropped out of the race. Republican, Mike Huckabee also dropped out with 1.8% of the votes according to bustle.com.

“Iowa marks the first time that voters have a say. If candidates can’t start attracting votes, donations will dry up, volunteers will lose hope and political insiders will start encouraging candidates to move on,” reported time.com.