State Trooper Photograghed Giving Food to Homeless Man

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Alabama resident Jenny Reed photographed state trooper, Justin O’Neal from Bessemer, Alabama  performing an act of kindness when he purchased a McDonald’s meal  for a hungry homeless man.

“He got out of his car and opened the right passenger seat in the back and let a homeless man out,” Reed stated. “Reed didn’t know but the man was disabled he has been spotted walking along the 1-459 from Tuscaloosa, hoping to get to North Carolina where he has relatives,” stated WSPA News, “That’s where Trooper O’Neal found him.”

The man had told O’Neal that he had not eaten in three days. “The state trooper was carrying the McDonald’s bag and the drink. He helped him to a curb to sit on and handed him his food.” Reed said.

The man had been walking around Bessemer with no food to eat nor ride to catch. “He was very happy, he wasn’t really looking at me, he was looking at the bag of food,” stated O’Neal. This was when when Reed snapped the picture and approached Trooper O’Neal to thank him for helping the man. O’Neal says he does not want the focus on him, but a reminder of what the good Law Enforcement does. About 600,000 homeless people live in the United States, according to

Reed became emotional and posted a picture on social media. “I told him, I saw what you just did and that was absolutely amazing. I told him he was my hero.”