Three Inmates Escape Orange County Jail

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A manhunt is underway for three inmates who cut through steel bars, to themselves  through plumbing tunnels and rappelled off a roof with a makeshift rope made out of bed sheets and orange to break out of a maximum-security jail in California.

“Jonathan Tieu, 20, Bac Duong, 43, and Hossein Nayeri, 37, were discovered to be missing about 9 p.m. after a nightly inmate count at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s maximum security facility. Deputies are still searching for the men, who have not been seen since the escape,” stated LATimes.

“Duong – who does not speak English – and Tieu are both members of violent Vietnamese gangs,” sheriff’s Lt. Dave Sawyer said.

Previously, the FBI has offered $20,000 and the U.S. Marshals $30,000. If the supervisors approve the plan, the total reward would be $200,000.Also the Police are now relying on the information from the community about the escapists.

“Investigators want to know whether the escapees had help from inside or outside the jail. There is no indication that any jail workers were part of the escape plan, Hallock said,” OCRegister.

The jail mates who vanished from Orange County’s Central Men’s Jail are accused of murder, attempted torture, and drug dealing. Many community officials are speaking out and giving information on how to stay safe so none of these jail mates attempts to steal your car, attempt murder, kidnaping, etc.

So if you have any information on their whereabouts tell a local police officer now so they can get to the bottom of this case.

Officials had not found the men as of Tuesday morning and did not have any new details. Authorities plan to hold a 2 p.m. press conference at the Sheriff’s Department headquarters, which neighbors the Central Men’s Jail, to discuss the latest information.