Apple Wins Yet Another Lawsuit Against Samsung

Apple Wins Yet Another Lawsuit Against Samsung

A federal appeals court gave Apple Inc. new legal leverage over Samsung Electronics Co. in the smartphone wars, ruling the iPhone maker was entitled to an injunction barring Samsung from using certain phone features that violated Apple’s patents, according to two heavyweights started slugging it out in 2012, when Apple had some strong feelings about some of Samsung’s software features.

Apple won a $119.6 million jury verdict in May 2014 against Samsung, which was found to have infringed its patents for the slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quicklinks features. Even so, the trial judge declined to force Samsung to remove them from its mobile phones, saying monetary damages would be adequate, according to

Here’s the full list of Samsung devices that are now banned from sale in the United States, according to

  • Samsung Admire

  • Galaxy Nexus

  • Galaxy Note

  • Galaxy Note II

  • Galaxy S II

  • Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

  • Galaxy S II Skyrocket

  • Galaxy S III

  • Stratosphere

Which raises the question: If a case like this can be dragged out long enough that the ruling is mostly irrelevant, what’s really at stake? According to,  the answer is bragging rights.