Winter Storm Goliath Kills 52 People

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“Winter Storm Goliath lived up to its name, bringing a huge swath of snow and ice from the West through a large part of the Plains, Midwest and Northeast from. Within that zone, a historic blizzard buried the southern Plains in heavy snow whipped by wind gusts as high as 80 mph”, according to

Winter Storm Goliath, the seventh named storm of the 2015-2016 season, was officially the deadliest storm system of the year in the United States, according to There were many states throughout the US that had more than twenty inches of snow, which also includes California, that will receive ten inches of snow/rain. This storm contains bizarre blizzards, flooding, winds up to ninety mph.

The Warm Side of Goliath: Severe Weather, Tornadoes and Flooding—33 Total Deaths, according to There were 12 deaths in Missouri, 11 in Texas, 7 in Illinois, Arkansas-3, and Oklahoma-2. There were 4 children killed in this storm.

The Cold Side of Goliath: Snow and Extreme Blizzard Conditions—19 Total Death. Minnesota-4, Vermont-3, Oklahoma-3, New Mexico-2, Wisconsin-2, Missouri-2, New York-1, Michigan-1, and Maine-1. In Minnesota a whole family was killed in a crash and in Oklahoma, country music star Craig Strickland and his friend Chase Morland died of hypothermia. But their dog survived the storm, where he was rescued two days later.