Gene-Editing Technology May End Cancer

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CRISPR is type of technology that can fix genetic mistakes. CRISPR, in the future, could possibly be used to some fight diseases such as HIV and cancer. Some scientists fear this technology as it has many risks that come with the procedure.

According to Doudna, a spokesperson for CRISPR related topics, stated that diseases that have genetic basis such as cancer could be cured using CRISPR, though other types of diseases may need more time to figure out their cures. Doudna believes that CRISPR technology could be used in the next few years, but there are many problems that arise in these procedures.

The one of the many problems with CRISPR is that this sort of thing may affect our health and genetics as it can possibly fail and can cause permanent genetic issues. Another thing is that this may cause some legal problems in both America and Europe which causes implementation from companies to be harder to obtain and there clear no royalties over this technology as Doudna and Dr. Feng Zhang, who are developers of this technology, are unable to decide who owns this type of technology.

The importance of this technology has allowed Doudna receive, along with Dr. Feng Zhang, the $3 million Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences. “Her name has been floated repeatedly for the winner of the Nobel Prize in science. Doudna said she is “incredibly honored and kind of shocked” to see that but she doesn’t think much about it,” explained Time magazine had her in the list of the top 100 most influential people due to her being able to develop this technology.