AKC Recognizes Two Dog Breeds


Photo Courtesy of: cnn.com

The American Kennel Foundation has just recognized two breeds of dogs, the Sloughi and the Hairless Terrier. Gina Dinardo, the American Kennel Club Vice President, claims, “We’re excited to welcome these two unique breeds into the AKC family.” The two dogs were officially recognized in 2016, according to the Cnn.com.

The Sloughi, or Arabian Greyhound, is being represented by the American Sloughi Association. The Sloughi will be joining the hound group for Greyhounds and Beagles. The breed is prized in North Africa for its hunting skills and endurance to run long distances. These dogs are graceful, noble, and reserved, according to the akc.org.

The Hairless Terrier, or Miniature Schnauzer,represented by The American Hairless Terrier Club of America, are joining the Terrier group. Although the Terrier’s name is The Hairless Terrier, this breed of dogs can be born with a full coat of hair. These dogs are very alert, curious, and energetic, according to akc.org.

The AKC is letting these new breeds into their dog show events. With more than 22,000 annual ACK events, these events have it all, such as obedience, tracking, agility, herding events and plenty more.