Purple Kitten Found on Streets


Photo Courtesy of: CNN News

A tiny, wounded kitten has been brought to the attention of The Nine Lives Foundation on January 2nd. He was found in a cardboard box full of rags and lemon slices on the streets of San Jose. He only weighed two pounds at seven weeks old, claims The CNN News.

His fur was dyed purple, giving him the name, “Smurf”.He had multiple puncture wounds all over his body. These wounds resembled dog bites, suggesting that the kitten was used as a dog’s chew toy.

“He wasn’t beaten or strangled; these are repetitive bites all over his body,” said Monica Rudiger, founder of the The Nine Lives foundation.

The kitten is now receiving treatments and antibiotics daily, and is preparing for a large surgery on his right leg. Caregivers as well are washing and cleaning the kitten, to wash away the purple dye, and retrieve his natural color, stated the Fox 2 News.

The cats experience has drawn in much attention from all around the world. From Europe to China, people from everywhere are condoning all they have for the kitten.  “We want to make sure people don’t want him just because he’s purple,” Rudiger reported. “We don’t want to encourage other people to do the same thing.”