Why Do People Yawn?

photo courtesy of: Carly DeGirolomo

photo courtesy of: Carly DeGirolomo

Are you yawning because your brain lacks oxygen? You are stressed or have a low core body temperature? Bored? Or all of the above?  Nobody knows why we yawn, but experts have many conclusions and theories.

Yawning helps us awaken us when we are falling asleep and we want to stay awake, explains Smithsonian.com. Past studies also  conclude that yawning helps cool the brain and balance brain temperature, stated IFL Science.

Additionally, people and animals yawn when they are tired and bored or when they are anticipating something or even when they are stressed, reported IFL Science. It is estimated that  60%- 70% of people are contagious to yawning explained Smithsonian.com. This means if you see or hear someone yawn there is a very high chance that you will yawn

“Many think it’s because the brain lacks oxygen, but according to new study,what most of these instances have in common is thermoregulation,” states IFL Science. Thermoregulation is the process that helps and allows the human body to maintain its core internal temperature

Dr. Andrew Gallup and Omar Tonsi Eldakar discover that the outside temperature might affect how many times we yawn in a day. “Today scientists continue to research the function(s) of yawning,” explained Everyday Science.