The Profile of Christian Holiday


Christian Holiday, head wrestling coach at Esperanza high school, has been coaching for about twenty years and started wrestling in sixth grade. His love for wrestling made him want to teach children to love the game just as much as he does. “I think there is no other sport that helps you succeed in LIFE more than wrestling. In wrestling the harder you work the more you succeed.” Stated Coach Christian.

His most memorable moment as a competitor was traveling to Russia to compete with the best wrestlers in the world. There are so many reasons why he loves wrestling, reason 1) “In wrestling you get to compete against someone that is the same weight as you. That person can be big, tall or short and wide. That doesn’t matter everyone can be good at wrestling.” Stated Coach Christian. “I love it when I see a kid that looks like a nerd beat a kid that looks like a pro athlete” Stated Coach Christian. He stated that the nerd kid usually wins because he worked harder. The pro athlete kid loses because he underestimates the nerdy looking kid.

The most important thing coach Christian wants to share is hard work always beats talent when talent won’t work hard. His advice to young upcoming wrestlers is do not worry about winning and losing. “Just worry about being the hardest worker in the room, if you are the hardest worker in the room everyday then, by the time you are in high school or college you’ll be the best.” He believes if you are a wrestler you are training to be one of the toughest people on the planet.

Wrestling has taught Christian Holiday that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind too. It taught him that hard work wins over talent any day. According to Christian Holiday, Hard work will not come instant but if you keep trying you’ll come out on top.

Also the Esperanza Wrestling team’s season will begin on November 28th. The team prepares by training day and night, and to build their strengths and weaknesses. The season well end in late February.