3-D Technology Revolutionizing Veterinarian Medicine

Photo Courtacy Of www.gsah.com

Photo Courtacy Of www.gsah.com

Technological advances, such as 3D printers and high quality X Rays, are revolutionizing the world of veterinary medicine. Giving veterinarians more effective solutions to help their patients, according to Dr. Joycelyn Quan, a veterinarian in Glendale, California.

The 3-D printer, allows veterinarians along with engineers to make a model of the patient’s bone. This technology decreased the length of surgery and risk of infection, stated Quan. Another great piece of technology used in the veterinary field is digital x-rays. The quality of digital x-rays has the ability to show the doctors the finer the details of structures of body, she added.

“The quality of digital X- Rays is incredible,” stated Dr. Quan.

Dr. Quan has been a veterinarian for 27 years and a graduate of UC Davis and Cal Poly Pomona, found her inspiration for her career at a young age, “My inspiration to become a veterinarian is was my growing interest in caring for my assortment of pet,” stated Joycelyn Quan. She has many pets such as a tortoise, two guinea pigs, a crawdad, a variety of insects, and has 2 sons. She works at the Glendale Small Animal Hospital www.gsah.com

Dr. Quan’s advice for students who are interested to becoming a veterinarian is,” Do your best in school. Never stop learning. Be involved in what you are passionate about. Start volunteering at an animal shelter rescue organization. Work at an animal practice and/or emergency practice. You will gain valuable experience. This is a good opportunity to see and learn the Veterinary Medicine is all about and to see if this is what you would like to do for the rest of your life,” concluded Dr. Quan.

Some ups and downs of being a veterinarian is the cost of going to veterinary school and the debt that comes along with it. Veterinarians work long work hours (between 40-46 hours a week) and there are also limited job opportunities. The best parts about being a veterinarian are working with loyal clients and wonderful patients.