Dodgers Clinch Title For NL West Win

Picture Credits  : Gabby Neeley

Picture Credits : Gabby Neeley

The years was 1988, 9th inning of game 5 of the World Series. Orel Hershiser( The Bulldog) was on the mound. He looked back and to the side and threw his fast pitch bam, Strikeout. The Dodgers won the World Series. Now 27 years later can the National League West Champion Dodgers do it again.

Now again Clayton Kershaw with the Dodgers defeat the Giants 8-0, to clinch the NL West title. As the reigning MVP Clayton Kershaw pitched the Dodgers to their third consecutive National League West title Tuesday night. Overall the defending world champion and arch-rival Giants.

What everybody says when they win, ‘’ It feels good to win’’. Clayton Kershaw became the second pitcher in MLB history, he worked hard and earned what he did to make his team one of the best in baseball. He earned it for him and his team.

For now and on the Dodgers defeat the Giants for the 2015 MLB title. For a  8-0 with a fantastic shoutout by Clayton Kershaw.