Wooly Mammoth Found Under Soybean Field



When Michigan  farmer James Brittle and his neighbor saw something poking out of his land on Monday morning they were  curious to see what it was.

“James Brittle and his neighbor had thought it was a bent fence post,” reported CNN.

“When they got even closer, they knew it was something out of the norm,”stated The Huffington Post.

Upon further inspection, paleontologists from the University of Michigan  concluded that it was in fact a fossil of a wooly mammoth that has been believed to roam the earth 10,000 to 15,00 years ago although this one was close to 11,000 years old.

“The bones will be cleaned and examined by university researchers for cut marks that would indicate human activity, Fisher said. Study of the bones may shed light on when humans arrived in the Americas, a topic of debate among archaeologists,” reported Fox News

“According to the Associated Press, mammoths and mastodons, another extinct elephant like creature, were once common in North America. The remains of about mastodons and 30 mammoths have reportedly been discovered in Michigan to date,” reported The  Huffington Post.