Teacher Profile, Mr. Kish : “We Must Teach the Standards and Prepare Students for the Next Grade”


Photo courtesy of: Carly De Girolomo

“I never thought of being a teacher through even high school,” stated Mr. Kish BYMS, language arts teacher, yearbook adviser and ASB adviser.

“It wasn’t until my third year of college when I student directed some work for El Dorado’s theater department that I developed the desire to teach, according to Mr. Kish. “The rapport that I was able to build with students showed me that I had the ability to connect with students. From then on I knew that  education was in my future.”

“The challenge is to teach, challenge, and keep up with the work of a diverse student body, said Mr. Kish. “We must teach the standards and prepare students for the next grade and beyond.”

Mr. Kish believes that anybody interested in teaching must find a situation in which they work with young people of various ages. All grade levels of education are critical from kindergarten to the college level, educators impact students. Interested individuals, said Mr. Kish, “simply need to find the most suitable level for themselves.”