Working Wardrobes: Helping People Dress for Success

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“Working Wardrobes provides numerous services relating to professional wardrobing, employment, career, financial education and life skills, training, image workshops,” stated

Working Wardrobes has been helping over 70,000 people since 1990 and are still changing lives of men, women, young adults, and veterans who are overcoming difficult challenges, such as alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, incarceration, homelessness, catastrophic illness, and traumatic financial loss, according to

“When your world is crumbling around you, it’s hard to stay focused. And they put hope in my heart,” Toni Buckner said to “It’s not just the clothes. It’s the confidence and the support and the love that you can’t get from your own family.”

Each year, they help about 5,000 clients, which are men, women, and young adults, from a variety of backgrounds such as veterans, domestic violence, substance abuse, homelessness and severe illness.

Working Wardrobes has access to books and other instruments that are available to aide their customers in finding job choices, interview tips, and networking skills. They also are able to set up meetings with career coaches to discuss individual interests, job leads, and skills.

“We have skill based volunteering such as Career Services/resume writing, web design/graphics, social media, finance,” stated Working Wardrobes. “We [also] have non-skilled volunteering such as donation center assistance at our headquarters processing clothing as well as helping at one of our 5 retail stores in OC (customer service and processing clothing).  If you like sorting, organizing, or treasure hunting and wish to do community service hours, this is where you would likely help out.”

What you can do: Invite a friend to an Inside Working Wardrobes tour, donate gently-used clothing, volunteer your skills, sponsor a client by donating today or becoming a member of Smart Women, volunteer with your group or join one of theirs, intern with them; they recruit year-round, reported

Every volunteer must be 15 years or older and can be high schoolers, college students, middle aged, and even seniors.

“It is incredibly satisfying [helping clients] and several recent studies have shown that people who volunteer live longer happier lives,” stated Susie Tuttle from Working Wardrobes. “There is something about giving back that improves your feeling of self-worth.”



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