Cutting Down on Food Waste: Selling Ugly Fruits and Vegetables


Photo Courtesy of Vegetarian Times

“Our bold vision is for consumers across America to have the option of having a box of Imperfect produce delivered to them weekly, for 30 to 50 percent cheaper than what they’ll find in grocery stores,” said Ben Simon, a founder of the company, Imperfect, that will sell ugly fruits and vegetables according to

Every year in the United States, six billion pounds of ugly looking fruits and vegetables go to waste and sucks up 20 gallons of water per pound as it grows Smithsonian Mag reported.

Ben Chesler, Ben Simon and Ron Clark have started an Oakland, CA based company named, “Imperfect” Dogo News stated. They are said to sell their produce through supermarket chains and they recently signed a deal by delivering directly.

The company who is working with farmers in California, plans to start selling the produce to the residents of Oakland and Berkeley by July 2015. If all goes well, Imperfect will extend the service to other California cities and then hopefully, to other states as well.
Imperfect’s idea will also help farmers who throw away 50% of their produce because their produce isn’t appealing to the eye. Consumers will also benefit too. The entrepreneurs said that the cost of produce with be 30-50% less than the ones in the grocery store Vox reported.