Sophia Bouyakzan Competes in New York


Photo Courtesy of Sabrina Flora

“From personal experience, when people see rhythmic gymnastics they say, ‘Oh my, that’s so awesome.’ however when you tell someone you’re a rhythmic gymnast they often ask, ‘Do you like the beam or the bars? I don’t know what’s going to have to have to happen for people to look at it as a ‘real’ sport. It’s completely real. I’d like to see someone take their leg and put it over their head without any practice I think that rhythmic is a beautiful, wonderful sport. It’s gymnastics, dance, expression-it’s everything,” Jessica Howard stated to International Gymnast Magazine.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a form of gymnastics combined with ballet and creative movements to music, while working with ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes and clubs in a choreographed dance-and-tumble routine. Rhythmic gymnastics started as an independent competitive sport in the early nineteen fifties by the Russians. Then in nineteen sixty three the first rhythmic gymnastics world championship was held in Europe, however today it is an immensely fierce competitive sport held all around the world and has earned itself the title of ‘Most Elegant Sport’, according to SCN.

Bernardo Yorba’s very own Sophia Bouyakzan will be traveling to New York to compete in a rhythmic gymnastics competition to advance to a new category of rhythmic gymnastics. “I chose rhythmic out of all the gymnastics categories because I find it very beautiful and graceful in a visual perspective,” stated Sophia, “it looks beautiful when performed with stage lights and music.”

When asked if there were any rhythmic gymnasts she admired, Sophia replied, “Alina Maksimenko, a member of the Ukrainian Group at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. She is one of the few performers that leaves the audience in awe every time she performs.”