The Richard Nixon Map Test Award Ceremony


Photo Courtesy of Sherman Shen

“The youngsters are being recognized for their ability to accurately identify continents, countries, oceans, rivers, bays, islands and other natural features. Members of the Richard Nixon Library Docent Guild visited schools in February and March to administer the test,” stated

There were nine schools from the Placentia/ Yorba Linda School District attended this event. Travis Ranch, Kremer, Bernardo Yorba, Tuffree, Yorba Linda, Valadez Academy, St. Joseph, Parkview, and the Community Home Education Program.

This geography test started when President Richard Nixon passed away in 1994. It was inspired by his lifelong interest in foreign affairs.

Some of the aspects of preparing for the test wasn’t just studying the countries, but the bodies of water such as the bays, straits, gulfs, and rivers.

“The hardest aspect of preparing the test was trying to remember all the bay and straits in the world. It wasn’t as easy to remember where the countries were,” explained BYMS student, Brian Nguyen.

“The hardest aspect of preparing for the test was studying the little islands off of Australia and some of the gulfs,” said BYMS student Eryn Romano.

Many Bernardo Yorba 7th graders also found that there were many memorable events that occured at the Nixon Library.

‘The most memorable event for me was getting to see Richard Nixon’s house, the helicopter, and getting to see the museum and exhibits,” stated Kyle Kirk.

“The most memorable part was receiving a certificate  for my perfect score and feeling a sense of accomplishment,” said Elina Savalla.