Matadors Donate for Placentia Family that Loses Home in House Fire


Photo Courtesy of Ashley Ko

BYMS students and families are being encouraged to donate gift cards to Mr. Marshall to help a PYLUSD family who lost all of their belongings in a house fire April 13.

The Angulo family including four children, Jesus, twelfth grade, Ashley seventh grade, Kimberly, fourth grade, and Angel, kindergarten. They are currently staying at a local hotel and will not be in their home for quite some time. Jon Matson, CELDT Coordinator, said “the parents and they have told him that much of what they owned was destroyed in the fire, especially the kids’ clothing. PYLUSD schools and other families are coming together to help out by donating gift cards to this family”.

Bernardo Yorba Middle School Assistant Principal, Steven Marshall, will be delivering any gift cards collected to Jon Matson with our district assessment center.

The family shops at the following stores:

  • Northgate

  • Walmart

  • Target

  • Ross

  • Tillys (Jesus and Ashley like this store)

  • Payless

“Imagine what it would be like to lose everything in the blink of an eye. How devastating would that be to you and your family? Every little bit helps. Right now they are in a motel. Donations or gift cards for clothes or food would be their 1st priority right now.  I know they will appreciate any help that we give them, and it will reinforce what kind of caring families we have at Bernardo Yorba.”, Steven Marshall, Assistant Principal.