YLHS Club Profiles: “Paws Crossed” and “Povertees” Help and Animals and Others in Need


Yorba Linda High School not only sponsors clubs that connect with sports, games, and academic interests but also two clubs that offer social interaction and a chance to make a difference in our communities. Supervised by teacher Christine Collins, the “Paws Crossed” and “Povertees” clubs at YLHS give students the opportunity to help others and animals in need.

The “Paws Crossed” club meets monthly to discuss how they can help the Orange County Animal Shelter. “They have provided the animals with blankets and towels. They are helping in the near future to raise more money to also provide toys for the animals,” stated Collins.

Paws Crossed was started by YHLS student, Bri Erbach, in her freshman year, which has progressed tremendously since then even though it is its first year. “Paws Crossed is partnered with OC Animal Care in helping out and providing supplies for their animal. Our goal as a club is to create awareness of animals, improve their lives at the shelter, and hopefully influence some adoptions,” explained Erbach.

“Over this year alone, we have already held a blanket and towel drive. We donated about 70 towels to oc animal care back in November,” added Erbach. “We also just held a fundraiser at Americas Got Talent raising $750. That money will go toward our larger event in the spring of 2016 called “All Paws In. ”

A nonprofit organization, “Povertees” designs shirts and hoodies with pockets and the money made selling the shirts is used to help the homeless in downtown LA. They make friends with the homeless and encourage them to go to rehab, help them find jobs, and help find them places to live. “ I started the club last year in my junior year. I heard about this organization through my church and I wanted to get more involved at school. I now work alongside the head of Povertees and with my church to do events with the organization. One of my highlights with our club is hosting a Pocket Party where you get to create and design your very own pocket tee,” states the president, Marissa Tietz. If you would like to purchase Povertees, visit the website www.povertees.com .

¨The only ongoing requirements are that at least seven people need to attend each meeting in order for it to remain of club status.  Anyone can join any club that they want.  The two clubs I work with give back to the community and German Club (which she also sponsors) helps students see some extra culture outside of the classroom,¨ stated Mrs. Collins.

BYMS eighth graders interested in joining either club can contact Mrs. Collins through the YHLS website.