San Onofre Power Plant: Nuclear Bomb in OC’s Backyard?


Photo Courtesy of OC Register.

“It is terrifying,” said Audrey Prosser, a Laguna Beach activist upset about the waste stored at San Onofre’s now decommissioned nuclear energy plant, according to The OC Register. “Why isn’t our military guarding that waste? It’s like having a nuclear bomb in your backyard. We want it out of there.”

Activists are concerned that the plant is not secure and any nuclear waste stored there could be accessed by others. One proposal is to have Southern California Edison “pack thousands of spent fuel rods into steel-lined canisters and bury them along the San Diego County coast for decades to come,” according to U-T San Diego.

Prosser and other advocates believe this proposal lacks sufficient security, according The OC Register. They want California’s nuclear waste “consolidated on military bases, where U.S. muscle could best protect it.”

The San Onofre 2,200-megawatts plant, located on San Onofre Beach in San Diego, just a few miles beyond San Clemente, was closed in January 2012 after a $680 million steam generator replacement project failed stated UT San Diego.

It has not produced any electricity since then, but under the commission’s November decision customers will pay for the plant into 2022, reported KPBS San Diego.


Former San Diego City Attorney and consumer advocate Mike Aguirre had stated that a solution to move fuel elsewhere must be found, Fox 5 News reported. “We have a potential Chernobyl right in our back yards,” said Aguirre. “This massive waste that under the wrong circumstance could kill millions of people.”