Bass Notes Can Extinguish

Putting out a fire is as easy as listening to music. “It may seem like magic, but sound really is capable of extinguishing a fire”, according to MNN (Mother Nature Network). Sound waves tuned to the right note, which turns out to be a bass note, can displace oxygen in a particular way, which can consequently put out flames. The invention built by students, Seth Robertson and Viet Tran, is a handheld device not very different than a traditional fire extinguisher, but rather than spray harmful chemicals at the fire, it makes a low sound like a low hum. Flames are almost instantly extinguished.

This can be explained in a simple way. To learn how the device works, you need to understand that as music notes get deeper, the amount of air required to produce the sounds increases. So the bass notes take all the oxygen from the fire, thus extinguishing it.

This device hasn’t yet been tested on forest fires and large range fires, but these students are confident in their device.