Crows Give Gifts to Eight Year Old Seattle Girl


Katy Sewell

A girl named Gabi Mann, who lives in Seattle Washington, has a collection of trinkets from an unusual source. Crows. The girl’s crow gift collection includes beads, rocks, buttons, paper clips and earrings, but it’s not all pretty trinkets, according to

The girl’s mother disposed of a rotting crab claw that the crows brought the girl earlier that week.

The crows have been coming since she was a toddler and now she finds gifts from them on her back porch and even on the bird bath they have in their backyard.

“It all started two years ago, when Gabi began feeding local flocks of crows. At first it was haphazard—a dropped chicken nugget here, a crumb from a sandwich there. But the crows took notice, and soon enough Gabi’s hospitality went from being accidental to intentional. These days, Gabi’s crows perch nearby whenever she’s outside, hoping for a feast or even just a morsel,” reported 

ThingsKaty Sewell
got suspicious when her mother lost a camera lens cap near the family’s home; she later found it on the edge of the birdbath. The family’s birdcam caught a crow delivering the lens cap back to the house. According to BBC, the bird even washed the cap before leaving it as a gift.

Studies show that crows are much smarter than most people realize. They are capable of having the average IQ of a 7 year old child. Gabi Mann stated, “They are leaving me presents. They are showing how much they love me.” Her gift collection includes polished rocks, earrings, screws, marbles, and a lot more. BBC reported, “They even gave her a pearl colored heart, which is now her most-prized gift.”