PYLUSD Hires New Chef and Upgrades School Lunches

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“We know that nutrition is so important in helping kids focus in school and over the last year we have been greatly improving our menus to offer more nutritious foods that kids like to eat,” said Suzanne Morales, director of Nutrition Services. “Hiring a chef who can help us build greater food pairings, do more scratch cooking and bring in more seasonal foods was a natural next step.”

PYLUSD has hired a new chef for the school district: Ramon Solorzano, by the Board of Education, according to School News. Solorzano has global experience with cooking and even has a degree in managing a hotel restaurant. He has advised as many as 100 or more restaurants around the world including in Canada and Latin America.

Salad entrees will be added along with whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. The district is also planning to have the salads custom made and ordered ahead of time online.

Generally, school lunches contain too much fat and too little nutrient filled fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The school district has decided that changes are needed for the health of this generation’s youth and prevent diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases, according to

But that’s not all that PYLUSD has to offer: the district has also set up the “Seamless Summer Meal” program that provides free meals during the summer for families at poverty level and cannot afford to buy enough to support themselves, according to

 “We are seeing a year-to-year increase in the number of students choosing Food Services,” Morales told School News.