Orange County Water District Recycles Water

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“In the middle of the drought, we’re able to bring on another source at a key time when we need it,” said Mehul Patel, Orange County Water District’s (OCWD) Groundwater Replenishment System program manager according to reported.

Water recycling will be California’s Next Big Thing doe municipal water supplies stated reported. Orange County’s $481 million recycled water system has been in operation since 2008 with Orange County going into its fourth dry winter.

The plan of the OCWD is to bring 130 million drinkable gallons per day reported. “Even without the drought, our population is still increasing, so we still need more water,” Cathy Green, president of the OCWD board of directors said.

First, the water goes through a 10,000 gallon microfiltration tank to strain out any microorganisms such as bacteria. Second, water goes through reverse osmosis where it is forced through fine, bundled membranes to remove minerals, chemicals, etc, This is the OCWD’s special technology. Lastly UV light destroys and remaining particles reported.