SkyTran’s Levitating Pods: a Taxi for the Sky?

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Unimodal Systems, a California based company,  has designed a transport system that allows individualized travel. The key lies in the use of “sky pods” that magnetically levitate from their rails. The name of the system is SkyTran and it does have the potential to reduce traffic and some of its problems, including pollution stated

Unimodal’s web site claims that systems are inexpensive, and can be built quickly and with only a small amount of the cost that goes into building freeways. The company also claims that SkyTran can work using technology we already have, added

“We can build on sidewalks, buildings, anywhere really and create a whole host of stations for people to choose from,” explained Skytran CEO Jerry Sanders.

The first SkyTran guide way will be built in Tel Aviv. Other SkyTran routes in advanced planning are in: Toulouse, France; Kerala, India; and the San Francisco Bay Area, California. There are hopes to expand into cities across Europe and Asia, according to

It consists of pods slung from monorails, levitated by magnets and controlled by computers. Magnets in the vehicle create a powerful field around the metal coil inside the rail, causing the vehicle to levitate, stated

Call for SkyTran on your smart phone and a computer-controlled, magnetically levitating pod arrives. It will whisk you across the city to your destination. Tickets will be about $5 per rider reported