What Causes Nightmares?

photo courtesy of blogs.voanews.com

photo courtesy of blogs.voanews.com

Nightmares are the “bad” dreams, that have us waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, but also curious as to what this dream might’ve meant. As a child, 20% to 50% of children experience nightmares between the ages of 5 and 10, says chealth.canoe.ca. While we grow up, we begin to grow out of the stage of having nightmares. Although they don’t occur often from some of us, they occur every now and then. So, what is the reason we begin to have nightmares?

Nightmares occur in the REM phase of sleeping; REM is the rapid eye movement that occurs while we are asleep. Alcohol, drugs, spicy food, fat content of food, anxiety and also stress are just some of the reasons that nightmares occur, according to divinecaroline.com. The terrifying dreams might not just be a dream; it could in fact be a memory of a terrible or traumatizing experience that has happened. Often when we wake up from one of these dreams, we begin to wonder just to what this dream means.

When one has a nightmare we often wake up with what is called Night Terrors. They are like nightmares however they occur in a deep non-REM sleep. Also Night Terrors are actually described as dreams whereas a nightmare isn’t. While we are sleeping our supposedly eight hours, the second or third hours of sleep are when we are most likely to experience these terrifying dreams. During these Night Terrors, the person having the dream might sit upright in bed and begin to scream in fear or distress. Their breathing begins to become rapid, sweat, or thrash around in an upset or scared way. However the next day when they wake up, we have no memory of what the dream was about, according to http://kidshealth.org/.

Oneirologists are the scientists who have dedicated their time to understand and interpret our dreams and our nightmares. They don’t study what we dream, but what our dreams mean and how they become to be. These scientists, have a showed what us what our nightmares mean.

Being shot suggests that the dreamer is experiencing confrontation. When one dreams about being trapped, it suggests that you are confined or restricted in your job or career. Drowning in a dream might come from the fact that we are feeling overwhelmed by multiple emotions. Being chased signifies that you are running away from a situation.

Also when one dreams of not being able to breathe, it may be from the fact that we are feeling exhausted. To learn more visit glo.com.

If you want to know about your dream may mean visit www.nightmaresanddreams.com