First Quarter Spirit Rally

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Student recognition and an egg-spoon race were a few highlights at BYMS on Wednesday, December 10th . BYMS holds a spirit rally every trimester acknowledging students in achievements and academics. All levels of recognition are based on GPA and citizenship with no N’s, U’s. D’s, or F’s on their report card. The recognition levels are: Gold=GPA 3.5-4.0 with 290 students, Silver=GPA 3.0-3.49 with 190 students, and Bronze=GPA 2.0-2.99 with 30 students.


“I love being a part of the spirit rallies.  Providing the opportunity for students to be recognized is what ASB is all about.  It is also nice to see staff and students interact in such a fun way.  ASB did an amazing job putting the show together, and I look forward to the 2nd quarter spirit rally,” said ASB and Leadership director, Mr.Kish.


This spirit rally was Mr.Marshall’s and Mr.Valburg’s first one at BYMS. “The spirit rally was special because it involved almost every student.  It was great to see the number of students achieving at high levels.  The activities were fun and I’m glad that the staff was invited to participate,” stated Mr. Valburg.

“My favorite part of the rally was watching the faces of each student as they stood to be recognized.  There was a visible expression of pride on their faces for their hard work,” added Mr. Valburg.

“Recognizing student achievement is important, so I am pleased that we have a way to do that through the spirit rallies!” he added.

The next 2nd Quarter Spirit Rally will be on Wednesday, February 18th with a sixth period schedule.