What Causes Dreams?


Photo courtesy of ecareersacademy.com

“Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives,” states William Dement, the founder of the Sleep Research Center, which is the first sleep laboratory, according to pintrest.com.

We do in fact dream every night but we don’t remember most of what we dream. It is actually estimated that we spend about 2 hours of our sleeping hours dreaming, but, because they are so complex, we don’t remember what we dreamed about. As we sleep, we are constantly going from REM, or rapid eye movement, to non-REM. Scientists believe that we only dream in REM, according to www.chealth.canoe.ca.

So then why do we have nightmares? Scientists say that we have nightmares from grief, pain, fever, or even from just eating food right before you go to bed. REM is actually what allows nightmares to occur. Our limbic system, which is where in our brains store our emotions, begins to become busy and at that same moment the prefrontal cortex, the place where reason and logic starts to doze off,  allows emotions that we normal don’t feel while we are awake, to be felt while are asleep, according to chealth.canoe.ca. That is what causes the vivid nightmares that we wake up from with, hearts pounding.