Opinion: NY Man Dies of Chokehold by NYPD Officer.


Photo courtesy of nypd.com

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,” said Eric Garner while being taken to the ground by a chokehold. The man was resisting arrest by the officers who believed that he was illegally selling cigarettes. The NYPD  officers used force to take him down using a chokehold.

Once Garner is down and his last words were spoken, Garnernever gets back up. According to a video shot by a friend, the police officers strangled him using as some might say, excessive force.

The Grand Jury decided that there was no cause to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo. This does not mean that this case is over if anything it’s far from it.

“I’ve been around a long time in this business,” he noted, adding that “what it appears to be sometimes may not be what it is,” stated  NYPD commissioner William J Bratton.

As you can see by watching the video that garner was the biggest man in the shot so to say. Also, he was clearly outnumbered by police officers.

For Garner’s family clearly there’s no doubt that they will stop at nothing to get justice for Eric.


Which raises the question, Should the chokehold have been used at all?