Minnesota Man Fights 525 Pound Bear

Photo courtesy of whas11.com

Photo courtesy of whas11.com

Brandon Johnson, a 44 year old hunter was hunting near Sand Stone, Minnesota on September 27, 2014, when his friend shot a black bear. The group began to look for the bear, but the bear found them first. The bear attacked Johnson and continued to come back for more, reported usatoday.com.

 “We wanted to give it four hours before we went out and looked for it to make sure the animal had expired,” said Johnson. Johnson and his group had split up to find the bear. The veteran hunter was using the light of the moon to guild his way though the dense woods. The 525 pound black bear suddenly attacked him and briefly knocked him unconscious, reported usatoday.com.

According to cnn.com, Johnson’s left arm immediately snapped after being attacked. “One tooth of the bear just broke the (left arm) bone right in half,” he said. “It’s just going to town on my hand and I just keep stabbing it and stabbing it and stabbing away and I am screaming and yelling,” he said, reportedusatoday.com.

Johnson’s efforts were effective as the bear backed off. But, the bear returned for a second time. He fought the bear off for a second time, but the animal came back again. “Once I got to the point where I thought I was going to die, and I got myself to the point where I was ready to die, there was no more fear,” he said, reported cnn.com.

Johnson stuffed his hand into the animal’s mouth and began to cut its throat with his blade. As a final blow, the bear picked the hunter up, slammed him on the ground, and walked away, according to khou.com.

Johnson was found by his friends and fiancé and journeyed 700 yards to an awaiting ambulance, reported whotv.com.