Ferguson Erupts in Protests and Around the World


“We heard this and it was just like, like I had been shot. Like you shoot me now — just no respect, no sympathy, nothing,” Lesley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown who was shot by Officer Darren Wilson; told CNN’s Sunny Hostin on Wednesday. “This could be your child. This could be anybody’s child.”

Ferguson, Missouri was home to Michael Brown, an 18 year old college student who was African American. On August 9th, 2014 he was shot six times from Officer Darren Wilson over 150 feet away. Brown was unarmed but officer Wilson still shot fires www.usatoday.com stated.


For three days, Ferguson was populated with protests for justice concerning Michael Brown’s death. Brown had no criminal background and was not armed although Wilson fired.

The grand jury told they would release the verdict of Officer Wilson on Monday, November 24th www.cnn.com stated.

On Monday, the grand jury released that they declined to indict officer Wilson in the fatal shooting www.washingtonpost.com reported. With the news of this verdict, the followers and supporters of Michael Brown went to the streets of Ferguson to protest.

At least 25 buildings were damaged either with fire or bricks through windows on Monday, the 24th www.nytimes.com stated. The protests were shut down by the national guard blocking the streets and stated that if anyone refused to leave the street would be immediately arrested. About 61 arrests were made on that night www.latimes.com reported.

Many European countries, Canada, and Iran have taken part of this revolution and spoken out about this www.npr.org reported. Over 170 cities in America protested on Tuesday the 25th. Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles and many more took part in the protests.

More investigations are underway for the Ferguson case www.cbsnews.com stated. The Justice Department has not set a specific timeline for the case to go on, for now it seems it will be going on further in the future past these protests.