PYLUSD Going Mobile

 PYLUSD will be going mobile with their new app, Placentia Yorba Linda USD, according to Dr. Doug Domene, PYLUSD Superintendent.

According to School News, PYLUSD released their app in October which is free and allows the public to learn about upcoming events on the calendar, access news about recent events, and check notifications sent out by Superintendent Doug Domene. Parents can also learn more about the district, the school board, and the superintendent. The app allows you to access the PYLUSD website which has more information about the district.

“Through the app, individuals can easily access district news, calendars, information about district initiatives and, if they have children in schools, student grades right from their mobile phones,” stated “The app is free for users to download and provided at no additional cost to the school district.”

Teachers and future teachers could also use this app. The app shows job openings within the district. Teachers could use the app to find a substitute when they are sick or have to go to trainings. “This app is a must have for every student and parent to stay connected to BYMS,” stated Principal Ken Valburg of Bernardo Yorba Middle School. “It has everything: calendar, events, news, grades, assignments…everything. Download it today if you haven’t already done so.”

While on the app, teachers and parents can check PYLUSD’s facebook or twitter. When they follow PYLUSD they get updates about upcoming events and news. “The app was launched this past week and is now available via the App Store for I-phone users or via Google Play for android users. Search for ‘PYLUSD,’” stated