Teacher Profile: Mrs. Picker


Photo courtesy of Katie Tobleskei

“This is my first year at Bernardo, and I so hope to be here next year,” said Mrs. Picker, Bernardo Yorba’s ELD and Composition Skills teacher. “This is truly a gem of a school. I hope all the kids realize how wonderful this school is.”

Mrs. Picker is the ELD (English Language Development) and Composition Skills teacher at Bernardo. This is her first year at BYMS and she is excited to get to know the students and the teachers.

So far, her largest challenge is that each of her students have different language ability levels and different needs.

“A good day of teaching is a GREAT day,” states Mrs. Picker. “When you watch a student learn something new or improve a skill they have worked hard on, you just feel wonderful. Watching students’ grow their skills is the part I like best.”

Before she came to Bernardo, she used to work at Placentia Yorba Linda High School. There she taught Language Arts and ELD.

When she’s not teaching or taking care of her four kids, she enjoys bike riding, cooking and going to the movies. When she was little she was taught to cook and she hopes to also teach her children to the same.

“My English teachers in high school taught me so much.  When I arrived at college, I felt they had prepared me well for that first year,” said Mrs. Picker. “Along with that, I loved reading and talking about what I had read.  I enjoy analyzing a story and debating a character’s actions and motives.”