Students from Leadership arranged Halloween themed activities and events the last week of October.

The last spirit day of the quarter, Halloween Dress-up day, is to be hosted no other day than Friday October 31st, Halloween.

Dress code applies as usual, so distracting or violent props and costumes won’t be allowed on campus. “I love to see the creative costumes that students put together.  I also enjoy any day that allows students to have fun while in school” said Mr. Kish, the BYMS activities director.

Halloween Grams are being sold for 50 cents each by Bernardo Yorba’s ASB from October 28 to October 30. Halloween Grams are customizable cards with candy attached to send to a friend and will be delivered in 7th period on Halloween.

The purchasing and receiving are organized by Leadership’s 4th committee. “The funds from the Halloween grams will fund ASB events such as the school dance, student recognition events, spirit rallies, field day, etc.,” Mr. Kish explained.