ASB Middle School Students Attend the CASL Conference


Photo Courtesy of Delaney Durham

“Students benefit from this experience from this in that they can learn what teamwork is about and take new ideas to school,” said Mr. Kish the ASB administrator for BYMS about the CASL Conference

Students from Bernardo, Yorba Linda, Valadez, Travis Ranch, Tuffree, and Kraemer Middle School attended the CASL conference at the Tommy Lasorda Field House on Wednesday, October 15th.

ASB leaders from all the schools were grouped together in a “campfire”. These 30 groups performed trust activities and team bonding. Students were also encouraged to meet new people from other schools by introducing themselves and asking a series of questions. At lunch, leadership students were asked to make a new friend by asking their interests and names.

At the end of the day, after lunch, there was a fashion show. In each campfire, one girl and one boy were dressed in newspapers and walked the catwalk in front of the students. Each group had two announcers, two models, and a few costume designers.

“I think that the activities that are provided are very positive and helpful as long as the leadership students are actively engaged,” said Mr. Kish.