LAUSD Approves $1.1 million Plan to Fix School Scheduling Problems

LAUSD students protest scheduling problems.
LAUSD students protest scheduling problems.

The Los Angeles Board of Education (LAUSD) on Tuesday, October 14, approved a $1.1-million plan to provide  additional classes, a longer school day, and tutoring to Jefferson High students who lost instructional time because of widespread scheduling problems this semester, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Hundreds of students at Thomas Jefferson High School, in South Central Los Angeles, had been placed in the wrong classes and had had to sit through these classes, or spent this time in the school auditorium, for two or three weeks, according to

The students at Thomas Jefferson High School have been worrying about whether the district’s computer system would let them put grades in the system, according to

The Los Angeles School District made the decision to switch from its ISIS system to the MiSiS system, reported, This angered and frustrated many students and other people that work at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, according to the website.

“All we’ve been doing is sitting in classes and watching movies,” senior Jade Garcia said. “It’s already been two weeks and most of the students don’t have the classes they need, and seniors don’t have the classes they need to graduate,” reported by

A protest occurred at Thomas Jefferson High School. A group of about 300 student walked out of the class onMonday, August 18, and sat in the quad for two hours to protest the system known as MiSiS which stands for My Integrated Student Information System, according to,, and

Students at Thomas Jefferson High School have been waving signs on East 41st Street, protesting the lack of education given by Thomas Jefferson High School, reported by

The district officials for the Los Angeles School District, or LAUSD, denied that the MiSiS system caused the problem, according to