Two Huntington Beach Schools Stay Closed Because of Asbestos

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Hope View and Oak View elementary schools in Ocean View School District in Huntington Beach will be closed as a result of asbestos of found in classroom wall beginning  on October  10  until October 21, stated CBS.

“You have you taken the safety and the welfare of my child and decided that I did not have a say in it and you put them at risk. How dare you!” parent Ryan Summerville stated at a school board meeting after the asbestos was found.

Asbestos is a heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral that can be woven into fabrics, and is used in fire-resistant and insulating materials such as brake linings, according to

Breathing in large amounts of asbestos can cause fatal illness, lung caner, or asbestosis is a process of lung tissue scarring caused by asbestos fibers. Asbestos is the only known risk factor for malignant mesothelioma, a cancer that affects the tissue lining the lung (pleura) or abdomen (peritoneum), according to

“They ( the contractors) are investigating whether (the original ) contractors violated protocol by removing asbestos on or after the first day of school, stated  Ocean View School District officials

As of right now , the children going to Hope View and Oak View are being placed in classrooms at other schools. District officials say they should be back at their own schools in about five days, according to LA Times.