Amazon Prime Air Drones : Packages Delivered to Your Home in 30 minutes or Less


Amazon is creating a new delivery system called “Prime Air” that uses drones to get packages into customers’ hands in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles. It will  take some time to put Prime Air into service, but they will be ready as soon as the FAA grants permission, according to

Amazon’s drones are small, unmanned octocopters, helicopters with eight rotors, that use GPS navigation. The drones have electric motors, which makes them more environmentally-friendly than delivery trucks, according to The company says that the aircraft will deliver customer orders of five pounds or less, which includes 86 percent of all Amazon products.

The FAA is actively working on rules and an approach for unmanned aerial vehicles that will prioritize  public safety. Safety will be Amazon’s top priority, and vehicles will be built with multiple redundancies or protective measures, and designed to commercial standards, reported by

“If the FAA grants Amazon an exemption, it does not mean Amazon drones will be flying down your street,” reported Their request is very clear, the company wants to engage in private, non-commercial research and development.

Amazon has quickly developed high automated aerial vehicles with advanced capabilities, they claim to be on the 9th generation of their drone. The company has tested the full spectrum of their drone’s capabilities including agility, flight duration and redundancy, according

If the FAA doesn’t grant Amazon’s request they will move their drone program outside the US. Amazon has shown that they are committed to developing the drone technology to secure their future – the question is, will FAA allow it, stated by