OC Sheriff Lieutenant Lagaret: “Safety in our Schools is My Main Priority.”

Photo: ocsd.org

Photo: ocsd.org

“Safety in our schools is my main priority,” stated Lieutenant Lagaret, 25 year law enforcement officer for  Orange County Sheriff. Lieutenant Lagaret has become the new Chief of Police for the OC Sheriff’s office in Yorba Linda.

Lieutenant Lagaret has not only been an OC Sheriff, but he has also served our country as a U.S. Marine. He was enlisted into the Marines out of high school, and immediately knew he wanted to be a Law Enforcement Officer. As a previous United States Marine, Lieutenant Lagaret uses his skills to provide safety to the citizens of Yorba Linda.

In his new position Lieutenant Lagaret sees his biggest  challenge in  lowering  Yorba Linda’s crime rate. “We have been dealing with a lot of thefts.  Residences and vehicles are being burglarized,” he explained. “With the public’s help and educating citizen’s to lock their car doors and by not leaving valuable items in plain view, will lower thefts in cars.  Also, if a neighbor sees a suspicious person or car in their neighborhood, to call the Sheriff’s Department and we will respond,” added Lagaret.

Lieutenant Lagaret wishes to emphasize was that he needs the public’s assistance to solve some of the crimes in Yorba Linda. “We rely on the partnership we have with the citizens to assist us in keeping this city safe.” He would also like to encourage all students to report any crimes they may see. “What might (be) considered a “petty crime” could turn out to be a lot more serious if not reported.”

“I do enjoy helping people and holding people accountable for committing crimes.  I am very passionate about what Law Enforcement represents and the importance of the job every man and women in Law Enforcement performs every day in keeping our citizens safe,” explained Lieutenant Lagaret.

Lagaret is inspired by the statement ,“Failure to prepare, is preparing to fail,” by legendary basketball coach John Wooden. “I truly believe that if you properly prepare for anything you do, whether it be studying for an exam, or competing for a job, you can accomplish anything and be successful in life.   Preparation truly is the key to success,” added Lagaret.