Apple Customers in China Pay Up to $1800 for Smuggled iPhones



 While Americans have waited in long lines to purchase their new Apple iPhone devices, consumers in China will pay up to $1,800 dollars for the same devices that are smuggled into their country, the second largest Apple consumer market in the world, according to

This smuggling operation in China is due to the increasing demand for new Iphone’s which are unavailable in China because the devices have not received a so called “key license” which keeps the developers’ software from being copied, according to

Two days after the Iphone 6 and 6 plus went on sale in the U.S., customs officers in China witnessed several men loading boxes into a speed boat. When they approached the men they hopped in the boat and left 15 boxes behind, filled with iPhones, according to

.Last Monday customs officers found 20 new concealed Iphone’s in the axle of a container truck bound for the mainland. Also, according to local media, authorities in Shenzhen seized more than 600 hundred Iphone’s and nearly 40 mules have been seized at the city ports, state Hong Kong Customs officials, according to

One person offered the 16GB phone to a Apple retail store in China for 11,000 Yuan (1,800) in American money, according to When asked how he received the phone he said he had it shipped from Hong Kong. At that price the smugglers would be making about 1,000 dollars per phone.