“Super Smash Brothers”: Nintendo Releases First Portable “Brawling Game”


All new “Super Smash Brother”s for the 3DS , released on October 3. is first  ” brawling game” on a portable gaming system by  Nintendo  with features such as such as online multiplayer and the “Street Smash” where players can battle through a 3DS’s Street Pass, and an “Online Mode” where players can battle up to four people around the world, according to smashbros.com.

“For those who haven’t played this game, it is an unconventional fighting game starring Nintendo’s biggest franchises”, stated Game Radar writer Lucas Sullivan.

With a new updated roster featuring Shulk from the Xenoblade series, Pac-Man, Little Mac of Punch-Out, Megaman, and so much more, this game will appeal to Nintendo lovers young and old,” reported www.smashbros.com/us/.

As for the Wii U version everything is the same as the 3DS but with more advanced graphics  on a wired console.  For the more advanced S.S.B. players a “Game Cube” controller is available.

Players can engage   by hooking the controller to the Wii U adapter. The Wii U version for this game will be released during the holiday 2014 season later this year according to smashbros.com.