Mrs. Swarm: “Learning is Messy– It’s not a Spectator Sport!


Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Swarm

“I hope my students enjoy their experience with me this year and are not afraid to jump in do some hard work,” stated  Mrs. Leigh Ann Swarm, BYMS 8th grade language arts and advanced drama teacher. “Learning is messy — it’s not a spectator sport!”

Before Mrs. Swarm arrived at Bernardo this year,  she taught seventh  and eighth  grade language arts, ASB, and yearbook for 10 years at Carpinteria Middle School in Carpinteria, which is located near Santa Barbara, California.

Mrs. Swarm says that  knew that this was the school for her as soon as she was interviewed by Mr. Valburg, Mr. Marshall, and Mr. Malotte.

Not only does Mrs. Swarm  teach language arts, she also teaches advanced drama. In this class, she and the students are practicing a play titled,  “No Bullies! Get Real!” with vocal ensemble. This play will spread the awareness of bully prevention, according to Mrs. Swarm.

“I am thrilled about all the AMAZING students I have met so far.  Each of my classes has their own personality, and it has been fun to get to know them.  Bernardo students are kind and energetic with great enthusiasm for learning… they will keep me on my toes for sure! Bernardo teachers and staff have been very welcoming and helpful… even when I set off the alarm!” stated Mrs. Swarm.

Before entering the teaching profession Mrs. Swarm  trained food servers for restaurants, and taught store associates how to set up equipment and then started substitute teaching in middle school . It was while substitute teaching she realized that she wanted to teach in middle school.

During  her free time, she enjoys  swimming, biking, and taking care of her family. She has a son in 8th grade at Tuffree and another in 5th at Sierra Vista. Last year, she completed a triathlon and hopes to complete another in the future.

“I think my favorite thing is all the positive thinking that goes on here,” said Mrs. Swarm. “Students seem to genuinely want to do well and are open to new ideas. This is a key to success in school and in life.”